Moto 1 – A Great Place To Purchase Motorcycle Tires

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If you’re looking to purchase high-quality motorcycle tires, then visiting Moto 1 is a smart decision to make. In this guide, we are going to examine the products available from Moto 1 in closer detail, as well as learn more about the company in general.

As soon as you have finished reading, you’ll have a much better understanding of why Moto 1 is one of the top places to purchase quality motorcycle tires if you’re based in New Zealand.

First of all, it’s worth noting that Moto 1 sells a broad range of excellent motorcycle parts and accessories, so they’re a good place to shop regardless of your needs. However, when it comes to high-quality motorcycle tires, they are truly in a league of their own – and they offer some of the best brands and products you are ever likely to want.

In particular, they offer virtually every kind of motorcycle tire you may need – covering everything from cruising and touring tires, to scooter commuter tires, sport bike tires, race tires and more. Additionally, they sell many dual purpose tires, along with the inner tubes you may need for making repairs.

Some of the most popular tires include the Continental Conti Road Attack 2 tires, which are certainly quite pricey, but give you exceptional value for money once you understand the sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology that has gone into producing this model. These specific tires are perfect for a high-performance racing bike, as they give you exceptionally light handling without sacrificing the grip curve at all.

Alternatively, perhaps you’d be interested in purchasing a more affordable option, such as the Continental Twist tires designed for scooters. These particular tires warm up very quickly and give you excellent grip thanks to the unique design, and even though they are available for a very affordable price, they will still give you incredible performance when you’re riding your sports scooter.

Ultimately, it’s safe to say that Moto 1 is one of the most respected and well-renowned motorcycle retailers in New Zealand, so they’re certainly a great place to pick up some spare or replacement tires whenever you need them.

Of course, if you are unsure of what you need to purchase, then the helpful staff will always be available to give you the tips and assistance you need in order to ensure you are buying a tire that will give you the performance you require at a reasonable price.

It’s also worth noting that you can purchase your motorcycle tires conveniently online, and the official website of Moto 1 is very easy to use so you shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to placing your order.


Overall, it’s clear to see that Moto 1 is one of the top motorcycle retailers in all of New Zealand – and when it comes to purchasing new tires – you shouldn’t have any hassle at all. With expert advice available when you need it, combined with some of the latest high-quality brands, you can rest assured that you will be getting the quality tires you deserve.

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Pack and Play; A simple Guide

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Being a real mom is difficult. It becomes hard to get a lady since she also has several other obligations to carry through, to deal with her infant on a regular basis. It is necessary to be cautious and alert about your child ‘s security twenty-four hours a day. There’ll be times when you may need to leave your child as he might injure himself by outside things by himself which can get dangerous.

The good thing is the kids’s merchandise production firms have develop astonishing products which aim at enhancing comfort and the security of your infant when you’re not near. One particular merchandise is play and pack. When you are gone, it improves the security of your kid.

Play and pack provides lots of advantages for both infants and parents. A few of the most notable advantages comprise:

– Security – Security is definitely a notable characteristic of children’s products. Play and pack offers considerable space for the child to go around and play. The infant can play with no risk of falling off or being hurt inside it.

– Freedom – The popularity of play and pack is based on the fact they’re foldable and incredibly light. It’s possible for you to take it along with you whether you’re going to any relative’s house or to a park, party. Even if you’re about to really go on an extended journey, it is possible to take it after being folded, as it is going to occupy almost no space. It makes it possible to ensure the security of your infant wherever you happen to be.

– Relaxation – The substances utilized to produce play and pack are not dangerous and very soft for the child. He play with no issue all day and can lie in it.

Play and pack provides parents plenty of convenience. Moms play and finish and can leave their infants works cooking, like laundry or make infant milk. Additionally, it enables them enough time to rest.

– Rapid Learning – It enables your infant as it’s enough space to adapt educational playthings that are appealing to understand quickly. Visibility to learning atmosphere raise their taking power and can help them learn quickly.

– Simple to Make Use Of – Play and pack is really user friendly. You see few videos to learn the best way to create the best pack and play and can see the instruction manual.

It’s the most effective method to make sure relaxation and your child’s security.


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Auckland Property Valuations; a simple guide

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When we’re seeking a residence, what do most people need? Or perhaps it must be an issue of what can most people manage!! The nice thing about those sorts of houses is they will attract the broader property market and the fact that you can make sure there will be a market for them.

A property that is recognized as an outlier will typically possess these aspects.

Is not easy to ascertain Worth
Small marketplace
Residences that are exceptional in nature come in several shapes and forms from houses with Tradition Standing, with specific attributes such as the Gypsy and Dome houses featured below, dwellings constructed subterranean, eco friendly houses, converted buildings, fortresses, container sheds and also the list continues on.

The threat of buying a dwelling that’s an outlier is the fact that the exact same value may not be always seen by others in this house. Dwellings which are unorthodox in comparison to your more traditional stock standard houses like those found in lots of the brand new subdivisions around Auckland for instance, commonly appeal to some smaller variety of buyers and sometimes experience longer promoting intervals especially given the size of the New Zealand Inhabitants being so modest that it causes it to be almost impossible to support the marketplace for all these kind of exceptional dwellings.

The reason valuing an unusual house may become hard because frequently chances are that there are going to be a big difference in a man’s understanding of value coupled using an absence of easily accessible directly is comparable sales signs. The good thing about getting a property that is not easy to confirm worth obviously is the fact that, with all the best advertising as well as a purchaser that is suitable, you can well attain a cost that is higher than you can have ever dreamed. On the flip side, in case you had been looking to evaluate exactly what the market value of your property is, it’s probably a Valuer, based on the kind of singularity the property offers, may decide to be more conservative in their own appraisal of market value as the property represents a greater hazard when it comes to it is saleability.

Residences that are exceptional will also be generally expensive to construct and this is frequently not represented in the end worth. A good example that I’ve seen of this is of a dwelling that has been built to be economically and environmentally favorable but at a price that is completely uneconomical. The house was promoted widely on the price savings the eco friendly house would supply for the prospective purchaser and was advertised available in a powerful marketplace, the trouble was, no one was prepared to pay any more for the house than they’d for your typical renovated villa in the region though it could have cost significantly more to assemble and that there could be considerable cost savings over a time period.

Exactly the same might be said for buildings using a Tradition Categorization. As there may be specialists reports that must be involved in evaluating any impact the renovation might have about the nature of the building frequently when one looks at renovating a house having a Tradition categorization it’ll come in a higher price when compared to a typical dwelling. Finishing the renovations could also prove high-priced and costly demanding pros to assemble the build stuff. Then you certainly additionally have the issue with all the Heritage categorization with a few groupings enabling quite small changes/alterations to be done to the building where case you’re likely to wish to make sure the property is loved by you only the way it really is. The marketplace for all these varieties of properties has a tendency to be restricted because of the reality that what owners can do to the edifice is hindered by the regulations set in place to safeguard the Heritage of those buildings while these buildings do gain from a specific amount of stature.

If you’re looking for an Auckland property valuation, look no further then! Talk to a specialist today!

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Getting started with nail art

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Although it seems like a trend that has been there for long, nail art is an emerging trend that became most popular in 2012. However, the figure has reduced but there is still significant number of people who are into it. Decorous manicures are still trending thanks to the salons that are maintaining their popularity. If you are tired of the boring patterns and single toned nails, here are some amazing nail art designs to inspire you.

The V-Nail Art

This is an easy to do nail art, yet interesting. You simply paint your nails red and then give them time to dry. Using a deep blue nail polish, apply at the end of the nails smoothly so that a V is formed at the tip of the nails by the red nail polish. To finish, apply a top coat and you are done. You can choose a variety of contrasting colors to achieve this look.

Pine Tree Nail Art

One can try this trend during the Christmas season. To achieve this look, apply red nail polish on all nails except the ring finger. Paint that nail with green polish. Allow the base coats some time to dry. Using a toothpick and white paint, make polka dots all over the thumb nail. On the middle finger, make a V shape using green nail polish and then proceed to stick green gems all over it.

Love message

You can wear this nail art during valentines. To get this, paint your nails red except the ring finger. Using a nude nail color, paint the ring finger. Using a thin nail art brush, write your message using white color on the nails that you painted red. Paint the letter O on using red polish on the nail that you had painted using nude color.

Dotted nail art

This is one of the easiest nail arts to create. Dots look elegant and simple and you can also customize the look with different colors. With a color of your choice, apply the base coat and give it enough time to dry. Using a toothpick, start applying dots on your nails. The color of the dots should again be your choice.

Rainbow nail art

This is a unique nail art that is not so hard to create. To get this, select some of the brightest and best quality nail polishes from your box. Using thick and thin lines, proceed to apply each color using horizontal strokes. To add variety and alter the design, you can incorporate some vertical lines on some nails while the others retain the horizontal lines.

Butterfly nail art

Although it looks complicated on the eye, you will realize that it is easy to draw once you get started. It is a very beautiful trend especially for teenage girls. Start with any two contrasting colors such as yellow and black. Paint all fingers with a lighter shade and then use a thin nail art brush to draw a butterfly on the ring finger.


Different things ranging from nature to daily events can inspire nail art designs. Nail arts look splendid when they have been professionally done. However, the individuals having them on their fingers have made some of the best nail arts out there.



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Birthday party planning

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As you all know my birthday is coming up recently!

I’m 19, which I personally think is the one of the worst birthdays that you can have. Its the year after a big birthday (In New Zealand 18 is the legal drinking age), and the year before a bigger one (20 is obviously the year that you are no longer a teenager).

Anyways I’ve decided to go full out for my 19th, yes even though its a shitty inbetween birthday year, I thought that because its been the first year since I left uni and started my own business, I may as well treat myself and have a good time.

I’ve already selected this awesome Auckland DJ to DJ some very select house music tunes I want to be played. But since I was going to make it special I wanted to do something that most 19 year olds would do on their birthday. Bouncy house rental is something I’ve never seen for a 19th birthday party, so I feel its going to really make the cake for my party.

I feel it’ll be an awesome callback to our younger days when we would bounce all day at our childhood parties.

Anyways I’ll report back with photos about how it goes 😀


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Three simple tips to find the best locksmith

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1 – Make certain you filed all the necessary forms in order to avoid any legal problems with your emergency locksmith service business. Consider hiring a highly experienced business lawyer if you feel your knowledge of business law is lacking. Any kind of litigation has the potential to ruin a business, despite how sound it may be. Your emergency locksmith service business will benefit greatly from a partnership with a knowledgeable corporate attorney.


2 – Operating an emergency locksmith service business eats up a lot of time; make sure you have enough hours in a day to devote to running your business. Operating a lucrative business demands large portions of your time, focus and determination. Attempting to do too many tasks at the same time is a mistake common to most new commercial and residential locksmith center owners. If you’re sure you won’t be able to finish all of the tasks you set out to do, ensure to assign some of the overflow to others in the commercial and residential locksmith center.


3 – Despite how many businesses you’ve launched, being at the helm of a new enterprise is always full of surprises and new challenges. You will likely be rewarded in revenue if you do your due diligence in locating as much information as you could about the field you plan on working in as well as the potential rivals you will encounter. With some foresight and strategizing, you could be on your way to a solid foundation for your emergency locksmith service business. The internet offers endless resources that may help you establish a business you could pass along to your children some day.


This post is sponsored by our favorite  car locksmith skokie business.

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Timber flooring Sydney

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Timber Flooring

Yes I know its an incredibly boring topic to talk about, however after recently refurbishing my house.

I thought I’d give a quick shoutout to the business that refurbished my floors for an awesome price! Timber flooring sydney company is a fantastic company that will help you with every aspect of your timber flooring and sydney carpets (by the way after I had them cleaned I used this Auckland Cleaners company to make sure they tidy up all the rat and tat from the old carpet, go check em out!).


I highly recommend you check them out!

PS Was also contacted by this; aluminium joinery auckland company asking to be featured in this post. They are in partnership with decorug so go check em out!

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